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ESCHER Next Generation (NG) is an enhanced version of the original ESCHER protein-protein automatic docking system developed in 1997 by  Gabriele Ausiello, Gianni Cesareni and Manuela Helmer Citterich. The new release, with a reengineered code, includes some new features:

For more information about the method implemented in ESCHER, please refer to the paper: G. Ausiello, G. Cesareni, M. Helmer Citterich, "ESCHER: a new docking procedure applied to the reconstruction of protein tertiary structure", Proteins, 28, 556-567 (1997) .



Current release: 1.2.0
Latest update: 8/02/2007

The Win32 version is included in the latest VEGA OpenGL package and so if you want it, it's strongly recommended to download that distribution. 
If you need the source code or the other binaries, please download the following distribution:

>>> ESCHER NG 1.2.0 Full Package <<<

Included in the full package:

- Next Generation source code.
- Original source code.
- Windows x86 32 bit binaries optimized for 586, 686, Pentium 3, Pentium 4, K6, Athlon and Athlon with SSE instruction set.
- Windows x64 64 bit binary for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions and Windows Vista x64 Editions.
- IRIX 6.2 binary for MIPS R4400 or greater.
- Linux x86 32 bit binary.
- Linux AMD64 64 bit binary.
- Amiga OS binaries for 68020/68881 and 68040 (ixemul.library required).
- Localization system for multiple language translations (LocaleLib and FlexxCat).
- Examples.
- Documentation.

Release Notes: