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VEGA ZZ 3.0.5 for Windows and VEGA 3.0.5 for Linux
November 04, 2014

The new VEGA ZZ 3.0.5 for Windows and VEGA 3.0.3 for Linux (command line) are available for download. Here is the list of the new features:

  • Combinatorial SMILES builder.
  • LiGen grid, pharmacophore and pocket loaders (text and binary formats).
  • Added the support for IUPAC (read only) and SMILES databases (read and write).
  • Fix: small bug when the molecule information is shown.
  • Fix: 2D preview in optical stricture recognition.
  • Visual C++ redistributable package no more needed by Indigo library.
  • Support for NAMD multicore x64.
  • Updated Opsin to 1.6 release.

Click here to download the new packages