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VEGA ZZ 3.0.0 for Windows
June 23, 2012

The new VEGA ZZ 3.0.0 for Windows is available for download. The new features are:

  • Saver, DB engine, copy special, and InfoXML format updated to support InChIKey.
  • DB engine updated to support ODBC and Microsoft Access databases.
  • Copy to clipboard 2D sketches (copy special).
  • New popup menu sensible to the context.
  • Save the picture of 2D sketches.
  • 2D preview in SMILES editor and database explorer.
  • Optical structure recognition (provided by OSRA).
  • Customizable database reports.
  • Editing of database fields.
  • PSA with color smoothing (OpenCL powered).
  • Color by flexible torsion (normal and AutoDock).
  • Automatic shutdown at the end of the calculation.
  • New graphic interface with magnetic windows.
  • Possibility to click on windows entirely covered by other ones.
  • User-defined window layouts.
  • Ethanol cluster for solute solvation.
  • AutoDock Vina is now included in the package and it's fully supported.
  • Automatic update check and setup.
  • REBOL installation no more required.
  • Fix: Mopac .arc file recognition.
  • Fix: SQLite update procedure.
  • Fix: PSA calculation.
  • Some new scripts and batch files.
  • AutoDock 4 and AutoGrid 4 were compiled by gcc 4.6.3 for x86 and x64 Windows with a significant performance improvement (from 2 to 3 time faster than the previous build made by gcc 3.4.5).
  • AutoDock Vina 32 and 64 bit version built by gcc 4.6.3 are now included in the package. Vina 64 bit is up to two time faster than the original 32 bit version.
  • VEGA ZZ in now compiled by RAD Studio XE.

Click here to download the new package