STAT3B/DNA complex

VEGA ZZ requires the user registration to obtain the Activation Key generated starting from the Product Key. The Product and the Activation Keys are personal and work with a specific PC/workstation only. You can't activate more than one PCs with the same Activation Key because each PC has a different and unique Product Key
The activation expires after 1 year for
non-profit academic users and after 30 days for business companies. After this time it's possible to request another Activation Key. The two activation types can be selected during the registration procedure. The Authors can change the licensing method in any time on their own decision.

The business companies can't access to the collaborative support without purchasing the Support  Pack (available on request to the Authors): help or new feature requests will be trashed if  they are from companies without Support Pack. The Authors spent a lot of time to develop a software that, in some cases, includes better performances than several commercial packages. We request a little contribution to the companies in order to continue the VEGA ZZ project otherwise destined to end in the near future.

If you lost the Activation Key, you can request a copy of them repeating the activation.

The activation procedure it's very easy and is started automatically when you run the software at first time or when the license is expired. You can also access to it with the following URL: 

If the procedure is completed without errors, the Activation Key will be sent by e-mail in few seconds. If you find any problem, please contact the technical support.

If you inserted a wrong e-mail address, you can change it logging in at 

using the old e-mail address and the password specified in the first registration. If you doesn't received the Activation Key, repeat the activation procedure and request a copy of the Activation Key.