11.4 SendVegaCmd

SendVegaCmd is a little Win32 shell command that can be used in batch files to control the VEGA ZZ. In other words, by this program you can automate all operations that you do more frequently. 


SendVegaCmd [/A] [/P [PORT_NUMBER]] <COMMAND>


The name of the command to send is case insensitive and you can use menu commands, extended commands and window commands.  The window commands are:

CmdName Description
wMaximize maximize the main window.
wMinimize minimize the main and the console windows.
wRestore restore the main window to the original size and position.

GET extended command returns a value that SendVegaCmd shows in the console window.


It's an integer positive number that indicates which VEGA ZZ communication port is used. The default value is 1.  This option is useful when more than one VEGA ZZ session is running. The first running VEGA ZZ session has the port number one, the second the port number two, and so on.