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About the Web site

This Web site is provided by VEGA On-line Web Server and CMSimple content management system. Both these softwares allow to create your personal Web site in easy way.

The main features of VEGA On-line are:

  • Complete Web server with included script engines (Php, C-script and REBOL).
  • The calculation service are embedded in the server code  allowing fast Web server responses with a low resource consumption.
  • All Web server events are logged. The log file are remotely accessible.
  • The Web interface can be customized in easy way, changing the cascading style sheet file (vegawe.css).
  • Built-in SQL database engine.
  • Virtual file system capability.
  • Availability of 32/64 bit and normal/service versions.

In this Web site, some CMSimple plug-ins and add-on are used:

  • Advanced News
    CMSimple pulg-in to manage the news and to create RSS feeds.
  • FCKeditor
    One of the most advanced HTML editor.
  • Menumanager
    This plug-in allows to manage the CMSimple menus in easy way.
  • WDir
    Directory browser plug-in.