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Chemical Laboratory Simulator of Qualitative Inorganic Analysis


LabSim is a laboratory simulator of qualitative inorganic analysis which was mainly developed with the aim to teach the students in laboratory during the COVID pandemic emergency. Its main features are:

  • Complete 3D environment (based on A-Frame/WebGL technology).
  • Web-based application:
    • Compatibility with widest range of devices as: VR systems (HTC and Oculus), PCs (Linux, MacOS and Windows), tablets (Android, iOS and Windows) and smartphones (Android and iOS).
    • Runs inside the web browser (Chromium-based), so no software installation is required.
  • Support multiple languages (currently English and Italian).
  • Speech synthesis (based on different technologies according to the device).
  • Speech recognition for disabled persons.
  • Based on a database of more than 3500 reactions that can be used in recognizing 60 inorganic analytes.
  • 70 video virtual and real tutorials watchable trough a TV included in the 3D environment.
  • By a specificc tool avalilable on request, the teacher can automatically generate unknown analyses for the entire classroom, in order to assess the lerning level.
  • Totally free.


>>> Click here go to LabSim Web site <<<