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Please don't send e-mails directly to the Authors, but use the following addresses for specific questions and/or problems:

    for problems about the registration and the activation of the software. Before writing to this address, please read the FAQ section of the manual. If the problem doesn't  have a solution, please explain carefully the problem, including the error message, the Product Key (22 character code shown by the software when it's not already activated), the e-mail address used for the registration and the Activation Key (vegazz.lic file) if available.
    for problems, bug reports and helps. Please explain carefully the problem that you found. A generic message "It doesn't work" is not enough to help you. Please use the Bug report utility (Start menu -> VEGA ZZ -> Utilities -> Bug report) to analyze your system configuration and copy & paste the output to the support request e-mail.
    for generic questions about DDL softwares.